Hello...I am a writer, singer/songwriter, designer and I love to tell Stories. Each of us has a life filled with our passions, purpose and pursuits that make up our unique stories.  We love to share each other's story - that's why we love a great film where we can cheer the hero on and rejoice in their victory. We love a poignant tale sung through the inspiring voice of a true singer sharing a story of love lost and then love won! Throughout the Millenia, stories have been shared through Visual Art....but here is my unique opportunity to help people share their stories on a vivid, high quality Tote Bag that you can carry with you daily, sparking  conversations with others who will in turn share their story with you!   If there is a special story that you would like me to design that you do not see in my current collections, please connect with me at storytotestore [!at] gmail.com and we can explore the possibilities of what I can design for you, or for your dear friend or relative!
Shalom for now,

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